Monday, April 9, 2012

Kyle Windsor - Week 6

This week I can finally start implementing the levels into the game.  I spent the first part of the week transferring all the levels over to grid paper to get an initial level down.  From there, I proceeded to tweak and refine some of them to make them work better.  For example, in the original design it would leave it impossible to jump from one platform to another higher up.  This required some tweaking to make it fit.  I have also done some preliminary adjustments to make the level of the appropriate challenge and to make sure there isn't anything unexpected that initial designs didn't account for.

Now, I encountered an issue with loading the project onto my computer, so after Tuesdays meeting, I will be able to quickly input all the levels into the game.  At that point, I will need to actually test to make sure the levels are long enough, and things aren't too challenging for a first level.

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