Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mike Pope - Week 7

Hey guys! This last week has been incredibly productive. First matter of business I attended to was the first enemy. Since this enemy does not have any animations, I decided to just draw a 2D sprite from scratch instead of modeling one. The only part that's animated on him is the "ZzZz" above his head to indicate that they are sleeping, These are animated through the code that Tate has written.

Secondly, I created 6 sushi assets for pickups. I took a lot of ideas for these from the mini-game Lickitung's  Sushi-Go-Round from Pokemon Stadium. It gave me a lot of ideas on the basic types of sushi to draw out. Drawing them out was fairly simple. Once again I used Photoshop. These pieces also animate, dancing back and forth and glowing for the play to easily see them in any environment.

Next week we are presenting our Alpha, and I am extremely confident!

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