Monday, June 4, 2012

Andrew Morrison - Update 2

You will have to forgive my absence from this blog.  The past two pieces have been coming together pretty slowly, and that has taken the majority of my time and mental power.  But anyway, the level 2 music has been fully completed and implemented into the game.

As of now, the music for levels 3 and 4 are sitting at roughly 70% completion, and I intend to knock those out, as well as new sound effects for the sword slashing, shurikens, and enemy abilities, as well as the rolling and stealth sound effects tonight.  Due to size constraints, we will be reusing the menu music (how much of it will honestly be heard on the menu?) for the final level, as I feel it will be suitable for the conclusion of the game.

After tonight, the rest of the sound effects, level completion, and jumping, will be completed by this weekend.  This will make everything easier on Tate as he will not have to scramble at the last minute to get my assets implemented. will be updated more this week as the remaining background music is completed.


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