Thursday, June 14, 2012

Andrew Morrison - Update 3


To date, I have composed 5 pieces, all distinct from one another and suited for the level that they are associated with.  In addition to this, I have also completed all of the sound effects!  I am very excited for people to hear my creations, and though the levels are a bit shorter than the duration, the gist of the technicality and intricacies can be heard, even through the subtle pieces.

The audio is a bit minimalistic, as I did not want it to detract from the music and the gameplay.

Either way, this game is turning out fantastic, and I cannot wait to see how it does on the Android Market.

Moving forward, the rest of this week will be comprised of constructing the website, as well as working on my portion of the presentation. will be updated this week as well, for the full versions of the pieces that I composed.

Happy Gaming!


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