Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mike Pope - Week 13

Jumping straight in again, a lot has been going on for everyone during this point in the project. Unfortunately, in order to meet a beta deadline in the next 2 weeks, we are in the need of cutting and replacing some original ideas that we had. This includes things from extra features to extra levels. It stinks, but that's what happens. Anyways, here's a nice list of my accomplishments in this week that went by super fast:

Outlined Chin & Enemies For Easy Visibility
Chin Roll & Stealth Sprite Sheet
Egypt 3-1 (Desert with pyramids)
Egypt Platforms (Highly reminiscent of Super Mario Bros. 3, world 2 blocks)
Pass Screen
Fail Screen
World Select (and buttons)
Level Select  (and buttons)
Large Samurai (90% Textured - just needs sprite sheets)

You must be thinking, "What's left to finish?" Well, there's a pretty decently sized list of final art assets that I need to create, such as the rest of Egypt, two levels for Hawaii, and changing up of Asia 1. From here, there's about 2-3 extra assets that need to be created for our levels, as well. While it's hard to juggle all of these responsibilities with classes and work, It's honestly not a lot once you start working on something... you can get everything done quite fast! (Like I did with this past week).

For the remainder of this week, we will be implementing the rest of these assets to finish out our game. Next week we will be focusing on polishing up our game, and hopefully ironing out some kinks we've been having with multiple platforms. It's going to be amazing once it's all together. Trust me.

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