Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mike Pope - Week 12

Hello again!
I'll go straight into this week's post by saying that we're just about half way done with our Beta version, and we've got this far within only 12 weeks (and we still have 4 to go!!). In these next 3 or so weeks, we're all going to be working double hard, especially me, but we'll talk about that later.

Rock cliff Formations
This last week I finished up the backgrounds for the Madagascar World, which was a very fun set of levels to design. I started off in a somewhat sun-setting, kind of sparse, savanna. After that, it the player ends up in one of the "rock forests", running on top of rock formations which is just in between the savanna and the deep dense jungle. Would you like to take a guess at what's next? That's right! A deep jungle setting! This level is really all trees, of a bunch of different types. There'll definitely be a lot of obstacles on this level, I can tell you that.

This next week is going to prove quite difficult, but I know we can manage just fine. Since there's only 3-4 weeks left, we want to leave those last 2 or so weeks open for polishing our current game and other things involving the game (like website, trailer, etc.). For these next two weeks I need to complete world 3 and 4, and potentially a special end level ;). With these, I also need to finish up the character/enemy assets by getting the power-ups for Chin, and finishing the animations for the Armored Samurai. On top of this, I need to create the rest of the menu assets (which I hope to do in the next few weeks). We're almost there!

Fat Ninja

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