Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tate Marske - Weeks 9-10

     It's been a VERY busy couple of weeks for all of us.  In particular, I've been working on extending our game's capabilities since I got back from a longer-than-expected spring break.  Today was my second meeting with my group, and I've compiled enough work to share in this blog after hours of toiling over what seemed to be simple things.

     Particularly, I was having problems implementing a sort of level selection map for our game.  It seems simple enough - a map with a bunch of buttons all over it, and each loads a different level!  Well, it is that simple from an outside point of view, but I had to reconfigure a lot of previous framework code that I had written in order to make this work correctly.

     Here is what has been completed on my end:
          - I now have an implemented, but currently blocky looking, level selection screen.  Once I can get a sort of map layout from our graphics guru, I'll be able to make it look much nicer!  The important part is, it's working

          - I've gotten all of the current animations for our character working and implemented into the first two levels, at least for bug testing.  Before, our character simply ran through a looping running animation.  Now, we have a running, slicing, and throwing animation for our character!  Swiping has become more exciting by ten fold, now that our character actually reacts to it!  It's pretty neat.

          - I've also managed to aid my level designer in correctly installing and using his development environment.  It seems that moving the entire eclipse project from one computer over to the next can be rather challenging.  Either way, I'm glad he's up and running now, as testing his own platform and enemy placements will become much smoother and easier!

     I expect things to pick up pace here a bit.  There was a bit of a lull after spring break that was rather hard to break, as I was having some major technical setbacks and everyone wound up a little jumbled.  Still, I have enormous hopes for this project when presentation day rolls around.  We are going to be ready for it!

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