Monday, March 5, 2012

Kyle Windsor - Week 1

This is week one of Senior project and things are looking good so far.  We decided to make a side-scroller running game on the android platform.  This will be similar to games like Flood Runner or Robot Unicorn Attack.  You will play as a fat ninja who must use his sword and other abilities to dodge obstacles and make his way through a series of levels to try and prove himself to his fellow ninja’s.  The idea sounds solid, it will be more cartoony but the idea is very sound.

Now I have been brought on as a level designer.  In short, I will be the person deciding where everything fits in the map for optimum balance, making levels challenging without being impossible, and to come up with ideas to make the levels better.  This is great, but early on there isn’t as much to do.  Because I joined the group after the high concept was mostly developed, my first week has been spent learning the platform.  I’ve never worked on android before or with java.  So for the time being, I am honing my skills so they will be up to the task when my part is ready to be started.

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