Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mike Pope - Weeks 1&2

Hey guys.

I'm a little late on updating this blog due to the Game Developer's Conference, but hopefully I'll be able to regularly update from now on. Most of what I've been working on these two weeks include brainstorming with Tate all the ideas and concepts in order to complete the GDD and High Concept documents.

Now that these are basically done, I can start working on drawing up more sketches for level ideas and characters/enemies. I've started to think of the types of enemies and obstacles there could be throughout the levels. One of the many ideas I've come up with includes traditional non-armored samurai, large heavily-armored samurai, and many types of flying enemies like swallows or even arrows show by other ninjas or enemies.

As for environment/obstacle ideas, I had some really cool ones. Some of these include watch towers that you might have jump over or to slice down, rooftops to run over, jungles, icy areas... even a Japanese castle that could potentially be the enemies or your own clans. There are so many possibilities that can happen with this type of time-period and situation.

Hopefully in this upcoming week we can start to figure out what type of art style we are going to be using (2D vs. 3D. Either both 3D background and characters, or only 3D background). I'm definitely looking forward to getting started on creating the real assets for Fat Ninja!

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