Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tate Marske - Week 3

     It always seems like these weeks fly by!  This week, I settled in and worked through the final version of our game design document.  I added onto the first draft from last week and narrowed everything down a lot more.  After we get word back from our professor, I should be able to tweak and soup up a few extra little pieces here and there and get it completely finalized.  I also worked with my team members to work on our Technical Design Document.  This document is pretty simple; it basically lists all of the different files we plan on using.  Although it may not be extremely accurate once we get to the end, it will at least serve as a strong guideline.

     Over the course of the next week, since we are a bit ahead on document work, I plan on expanding the tutorial that I followed on OpenGL so that I can work on implementing our team's assets as opposed to the originals.  I'll also be rewriting the game type to fit what we need the game to do.  This means that, pretty soon, we should have some form of working game model!  Things are getting exciting as we pull out of our heavy documentation stages.

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