Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mike Pope - Week 3

This last week's meeting with the team proved to be very valuable! Kyle, who is in charge of our level design, gave us tons and tons of very feasible ideas for enemies, level layouts, and other various things we could potentially include. Kyle was even able to come up with some rough sketches for enemy ideas for the early levels of our game. This put us all in the right direction and on the same page. From here, we just need to narrow down each section so we can make it possible to maintain through the next few months.

Now that we understand what we're shooting for to include, I can really start to get to work on all of our 3D models. Now, because our game is on the mobile device, I need to make all of our art assets into 2D ones, so it runs with minimal problems across all android platforms. To help this process, I found a neat little program called "SpriteWorks", made by EnvyGames. I will be looking into this program as to help my goals get achieved with ease!

(EnvyGames Website:

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